Emma Grace Hawtrey - Stylist & Designer

Emma has an extensive background in styling residential interiors and homewares/props for print and digital media. After years working with beautiful product and being inspired day to day by stunning design, she decided to apply what she had learnt to create the kind of homewares she would like for her own home. With a passion for quality and love of textiles, the obvious start was to create a range of 100% linen cushions to compliment the homes she was styling. Focusing on artful textures and muted tones Emma created her first range in 2012 and has now released four seasonal ranges which all work back and compliment each other, all made in Australia. The range is inspired by a love of organic texture and the constant want for quality, artful pieces to invest in for the home. Always eager to explore new methods and widen the range, Emma has released her debut framed print series, exploring the moody effects of painted photography with the Floral Series. 



Interior Styling - Planning your space can be daunting, so every little bit of help is valuable. We can tailor a package to suit your needs, no matter how small or large the project. From layout design to surface selection the Hawtrey team can create a functional and beautiful space for you to live in day to day. 

Prop/Product Styling - When launching a product of your own, your best representation is visual media. We can help you style up your campaign to ensure your customers don’t want to live without your beautiful product. From furniture to bedding, vases to cookware, we have worked with it all!

Consultations start at $180.